The awesome story of when Roberto Luongo saw into the future and anticipated the tough guy’s trade

Roberto Luongo could’ve had way more trophies on his resume if he just would’ve had some more luck.

The goalie was well respected during his playing days, winning two Olympic golds and the World Championships once.

He might not have been the most outspoken guy in the dressing room. But once he spoke, people listened.

Luongo formed a great bond with goalie Eddie Lack during his time in Vancouver. The Swede first met Luongo at the NHL training camp in British Columbia in 2010, where they shared a room and hit it off straight away.

“When he said something, everyone stopped and listened. He had a great presence, people looked up to him,” Lack tells The Hockey Beast.

During the time, there were other players that usually was in charge of the pranks. Luongo didn’t do that many, but when he did it always was big.

Lack recalls one funny story in particular, including Luongo joking around with Darcy Hordichuk.

“We had an exhibition game and we were all sitting in the locker room, getting dressed or whatever and Darcy Hordichuk was just talking, making mayhem, making fun of everyone,” Lack said. “Luongo just stood up, and it was the only thing he said the entire day. He said ‘Don’t worry guys, this is Darcy’s last game. He’s getting traded tomorrow.’ Everyone just started dying laughing”.

 However, 24 hours later, it wasn’t much of a joke.

“The funny part was Darcy was traded the next day”, Lack said.

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