That time Steve Yzerman proved he’s the ultimate fighter with assist no one thought was possible

Mike Knuble didn’t spend much time with the Detroit Red Wings, but he still managed to put a mark during his two years with the organization.

For example, he scored one of the most awesome goals the Red Wings ever scored, but to be fair, he just scored the goal. What was so beautiful about it was Steve Yzerman’s incredible assist, which many fans rank as one of the best the league has ever seen.

Funny enough, Mike Knuble made his NHL debut on March 26, 1997, at what later would be known as Fight Night at the Joe.

Knuble had a laidback role in the lineup and didn’t participate in the fight, but a year later, he scored the previously mentioned goal, and it’s well worth a watch or two.

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In a matchup against the Edmonton Oilers, Yzerman was on a breakaway, but just in front of the goal, he was tripped down and fell to the ice. Yzerman slid across the ice, and while on his back, he managed to get the puck to Mike Knuble, who scored the goal.

Steve Yzerman’s winning mentality and his incredible work ethic were what made him so great, and this really displays everything about his game. What a legendary assist from a legendary player, and on Youtube, fans still talk about how well-executed it was.

”Mother of god, that play never fails to leave a smile on my face,” one fan said.

Steve Yzerman retired with 1,063 assists to his name, and this has to be the most breathtaking one.

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