That time Biz Nasty fell off the training bike in disbelief, after taking a look at an envelope to Geno Malkin

Paul Bissonette is one of the most prominent personalities in hockey right now. As an analyst for Turner Sports’ NHL coverage, he always draws some laughs and usually shares some crazy stories as well. Now, he’s gaining a lot of attention on social media, after sharing a simply awesome story on Evgeni Malkin.

The crew were talking about their ”Welcome to the NHL moment,” and Bissonette’s story made everybody burst out in a huge laughter. Bissonette played in the NHL from 2009 till 2014, and started off with the Pittsburgh Penguins. During preseason, in one of Biz Nastys first years, he was riding an exercise bike next to Geno Malkin. Suddently, Malkin got handed an envelope.

”He looked at and I could see the spark on his face, so I asked him what he got in there.” Says Biz Nasty.

”And then he goes ’Bonus’. And I asked if I got see it, and he opened it up, and it was a $900,000 dollar check from his playoff-bonus last year. I nearly shit a brick, I couldn’t belive it, I’d never seen a check that big in my life.”

Biz Nasty then continued to thank Malkin for giving him his welcome moment and also revealed that three days after that incident, Biz Nasty got sent down to the AHL.

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