Canes GM begs crew to turn off the cameras, after awkward question about trades from JR Hurricanes girl

The Carolina Hurricanes Jr Girls team was entering the ice for the first time, and if that wasn’t enough, they also got a celebrity visit from nobody less than Don Waddell. The Canes’ GM took his time to go to the locker room and give a pep talk to the young girls, but it all ended in a burst of big laughter at his expense.

Waddell started by giving a pep talk, stating that the girls should go out there and have fun and give their best. He then took some questions from the girls, and he immediately got a question he surely didn’t count on getting, especially in this scenario.

Source: Twitter

The question sounds more like it’s coming from a journalist than from a Jr Girls team, and it completely caught Wadell off guard.

The question was who Waddell” was going to trade out,” heading into the trade deadline. Waddell couldn’t hold the laughter back and quickly turned to the camera crew in the dressing room, saying,” Turn the cameras off!”
What an awesome moment!

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