According to the NY Times, this is the reason that Alex Ovechkin won’t delete his pictures with Vladimir Putin

Since Russia chose to invade Ukraine and start a war against Europe, many Russian athletes have been criticized. One of them, of course, has been Alexander Ovechkin.

The Capitals’ superstar has been openly supportive of Vladimir Putin in the past, and in the last couple of weeks, many have been waiting for Ovechkin to make a stand. Last week, during a press conference, he finally spoke out.

After being pressured to say something, he said:
” Please, no more war. It does not matter who is at war – Russia, Ukraine, or other countries – I think we live in a world together. We must live in peace.”

That’s still the only thing Ovechkin has said about the war, and many have been disappointed that he didn’t make a clearer stance against Putin and what is happening in Ukraine. People have also been particularly angry with Ovechkin because his profile picture on Instagram is a photo where he is shaking hands with Vladimir Putin. Many have appealed for him to change the picture, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Now there’s an explanation for it. According to the NY Times, Ovechkin has been criticized in Russia by those who are supporters of the war, and therefore, Ovechkin has been advised not to change the picture because” it would not go well in Russia.”

According to the newspaper, Ovechkin had plans to change his picture to a symbol for world peace. However, since his wife, two children, and parents are still in Russia, that was strongly advised against it, as that could mean danger.

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