When a fight broke out in the alumni game, Tie Domi and Joey Kocur did something they’d never done before

On New Year’s Eve back in 2016, the Alumni game between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs – ahead of the NHL Centennial Classic game – almost got out of hands.

Alumni games, and other games of that caliber, are often about nostalgia and pure fun, but this game featured some players of another category. Several Red Wings and Maple Leaf’s legends were known for their grit, physical play, and included some real enforcers.

Source: Youtube

Once an enforcer – always an enforcer. And if you have a winning mentality at that level, no alumni game will hold you back.

In the game, Kris Draper and Gary Roberts got into a scrum in a corner, and as their skated away, it was clear that it wasn’t a friendly game anymore. They both argue and hit each other with their sticks before referees and players can intervene and stop the fight.

And what’s most funny?

Source: Youtube

The guy’s stopping the fight were enforcers Tie Domi and Joe Kocur, known as two of the most badass players ever to play in the NHL. But, as they say, the older you get, the wiser you are. And isn’t Time Domi and Joe Kocur the perfect example of it?

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