Superstar Jame Benn participates in one of the wildest fights of the year

Jamie Benn is mostly known for his offensive production, but that doesn’t mean he won’t drop the gloves once in a while.

Primarily a point-getter, Benn has picked up quite a few fights over the course of his NHL career. Last night he added another to his list.

Minutes into last night’s game against the Columbus Blue Jackets, Benn found a partner to tango within Josh Anderson. Anderson has experience fighting at the at the Junior and AHL level, so there was definitely the potential to see a solid tilt between these two players.

Anderson and Benn delivered in a hard-punching brawl. It was a real donnybrook. The pair exchanged right’s and left’s like nobodies business. It was a heated skirmish that erupted the arena.

Surely this fight will go down as one of the season’s best, even though we are only in November. You have to tip your cap to the participants as we often don’t see fights like this anymore.

Was Jamie Benn the winner in this? Or did Anderson get the better of him?

Benn’s fight may have ignited the Stars, but it wouldn’t be enough for the Stars to pick up a win. Columbus edged Dallas out, 2-1.

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