Six players suddenly battled for an imaginary puck in the weirdest sequence this season

The game was tied at 2 between the Vancouver Canucks and Seattle Kraken when a weird and fantastic sequence occurred.

Photo: Youtube

Six players were battling for the puck in the corner, but nobody could scrabble it out. Looking at the replay, it’s evident that all players were sure that someone pressed the puck between somebody else’s skate and the boards, but they were completely lost.

Instead, when the camera zooms out. The puck is suddenly on the other side of the ice. It somehow got out from the players scrambling for the puck, heading straight towards a Canucks player, who went on a breakaway.

Photo: Youtube

The Canucks didn’t manage to capitalize on the two-on-two breakaway, but they won the game 5-2. Vancouver, who got their speed up under new manager Bruce Boudreau, are now just five points away from a playoff spot.

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