Singer completely botches national anthem ahead of Sabres game; fans found it absolutely hilarious and confusing

Although the Buffalo Sabres played the Boston Bruins on Tuesday, a matchup between two US teams, they still sang the Canadian national anthem.

The Sabres always do it, no matter if there’s a Canadian team playing, which is a great sign of respect, given there are always plenty of Canadian players on the teams playing.

But when the national anthem was sung on Tuesday, it quickly went viral and made the highlights reel for a completely different reason than everyone would imagine.

Because usually—dare we say always—when the Sabres play the Canadian national anthem, they get the lyrics right. But on Tuesday, anthem singer Christian Kramer got it completely wrong.

The singer took the center ice, grabbed the microphone, and completely botched the lyrics to ’O Canada,’ and the fans’ reaction was absolutely hilarious.

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The camera panned to a father and his son, looking at each other confused, as they immediately figured out something was off.

Things did start great for the singer Kramer, but when he came to the part where the lyric goes ’from far and wide,’ he simply skipped to the next line.

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Everything was off, and although the players didn’t show any reactions while on the bench, one equipment manager certainly did, as he looked at the players with a confused face.

The video quickly went viral on social media, and fans found it hilarious.

”That father and son knew something was up immediately,” one said.

”I like how the singer just breezed through it confidently. ’Oh Canada, we stand alright!’ Sounds good to me,” another said.

”That’s some ’The Office’-like footage right there LOL,” a third added.

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After a while, Kramer got his lyrics back on track. It’s human to fail, but Kramer deserves praise for keeping his cool, getting his act back together, and for getting the rest of the song correct.

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