Ryan Reaves chirps former teammate and now rivaling coach while mic’d up, and it’s the best thing we’ve heard

When Ryan Reaves saw former teammate Steve Ott, now an assistant coach for the St. Louis Blues, he couldn’t hold back.

Source: Twitter

Since joining the league, Reaves has been an enforcer and played for the Blues for seven seasons. In three of those years, he had Steve Ott as his teammate. So when Rangers hosted the Blues at MSG last night, they finally saw each other again, and the chirping was pure gold.

Reaves skated to the Blues bench during warmup, and the exchange is the best we’ve heard in a long, long time.

Source: Twitter

Some of the best chirps involve Reaves, telling Ott that he no longer have John Scott to hide behind, and he also states that Ott ”looks old” and pours some water onto the bench. Ott also got some chirps coming Reaves way, as he asks if the Rangers forward is on the 4th line.

Just look at the pure content gold:

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