Rick Tocchet gives his best advice on scrums, but he wasn’t prepared for what Biz Nasty had planned

The NHL on TNT broadcasts has been a huge success this season. TNT has done a lot of great work in NBA, with Shaquille O’Neal as one of their biggest stars, and in their NHL broadcast, Rick Tocchet and Paul Bissonnette have been the standouts.

They’re always ready to hand out some chirps and have made the broadcast enjoyable and more about laughter and storytelling rather than statistics. This weekend showed a great example of that. During the broadcast, the guys in the studio talked about post-whistle scrum and what’s going on when the officials blow their whistle.

Rick Tocchet has been involved in many post-whistle scrums, shared his views on them, and gave out some tips on how to get away with a small punch or poke annoyingly with a stick without being called to the penalty box. Paul Bissonette was also involved in the discussion but got the role of the person being exposed to the cheap shots.

But when Rick Tocchet least expected it, Bis Nasty delivered the cheapest shot of them all. Suddenly, he raised his stick and handed out a classic “bag tap” on Tocchet, who jokingly tried to run after Bissonette to get revenge.

This is what NHL broadcasts should look like!

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