Paul Maurice had everyone laughing with a custom-made T-shirt during the Panthers’ Cup parade

No matter which team you support in the NHL, it’s really hard to dislike Paul Maurice.

The coaching veteran finally won his first-ever Stanley Cup when the Florida Panthers won Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals against the Edmonton Oilers, and it was a long time coming for him.

Maurice had almost given up the idea of ever lifting the Cup despite being on an NHL bench for decades.

Paul Maurice has made himself known as someone who always speaks his mind during pressers and when talking to the media. His snappy comments always tend to make supporters laugh.

When the Florida Panthers had their Cup parade on Sunday, of course, Maurice decided to do something totally unexpected that left fans laughing.

During a speech, the Panthers coach revealed a T-shirt with some really neat photoshopping details on it.

As he walked out on stage, he was wearing a custom-made shirt with his two cats, Poppy and Penny, edited onto the team’s logo.

“My daughter made this shirt, and I promised her that if we win the Stanley Cup I’m wearing this shirt,” Maurice said on the stage.

The T-shirt featured the cat Poppy on the front and Penny on the back. Maurice gave both cats a shoutout as he named several people he wanted to thank.

Maurice also decided to do a quick fashion show to show everyone the shirt, and everyone who was there absolutely loved it.

On social media, fans couldn’t stop laughing.

”Best thing at the Parade,” one said.

”Make these please,” another said.

”Please make these shirts I beg you,” a third added.

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