Paul Bissonnette reveals the hilarious reason why he had to change his number in Pittsburgh; Sidney Crosby’s mother was to blame

Paul Bissonnette is hilarious. Although he didn’t have the best NHL career, he’s one of hockey’s greatest personalities, and last night, he shared a great story about how he was forced to change number, all because of Sidney Crosby’s mum…

Paul Bissonnette has the huge hockey podcast Spittin’ Chiclets, but he’s also become a huge fan favorite since starting as an analyst for TNT.

The NHL on TNT has been a great success, with panel analysts like BizNasty, Henrik Lundqvist, Anson Carter, and Wayne Gretzky. The NHL on TNT is entertaining and often hilarious.

They don’t shy away from getting serious, but it’s often just pure fun, with chirps flying all around. And BizNasty is the main character.

Bissonnette has a great relationship with many of today’s active players, and every time he’s interviewing with some player, it’s just great fun.

Bissonnette himself didn’t have the best career. He played for the Phoenix Coyotes and Pittsburgh Penguins, but he really never stood out in the league.

SUNRISE, FL – MARCH 11: Paul Bissonnette #12 of the Phoenix Coyotes skates prior to the game against the Florida Panthers at the BB&T Center on March 11, 2014 in Sunrise, Florida. The Coyotes defeated the Panthers 3-1. (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

On Wednesday’s broadcast of NHL on TNT, BizNasty shared a great story on how he was forced to change his number, all because of a request from Sidney Crosby’s mother. On Wednesday, the Spittin’ Chiclets had their first-ever ”alt cast,” with Ryan Whitney, Paul Bissonnette, and sports betting expert Matt Murley.

If you wanted to, you could watch the game while still hearing the Chiclets crew talking about various things, such as Biz having to change his number.

”I was number 67 in training camp. That’s a training camp number. But luckily, I ended up making the team,” Bissonnette said.

TEMPE, ARIZONA – JANUARY 22: Sidney Crosby #87 of the Pittsburgh Penguins skates up to a face off against the Arizona Coyotes during the third period of the NHL game at Mullett Arena on January 22, 2024 in Tempe, Arizona. The Coyotes defeated the Penguins 5-2. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

But when it was time for the first games of the season, an unexpected problem showed up, and Dana Heinze, the former equipment manager in Pittsburgh, called Biz in for a talk.

”He said, ’Hey, pick a number here, we’re going to change it up.’ I’m like, ’No, I made the team, I had a great camp, I like to stick with 67.’ And he’s like, ’No.’ And I’m like, ’Hey, I like to keep my number.’

”But basically what he said was, ’Sid’s parents were watching the game, and it looks too much like 87. You got to change it up.’ So basically, I got pigeon tossed by Sid’s mum, and I had to change my number.”

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