Paul Bissonnette hilariously chirps Ryan Reaves on TV, but the response couldn’t have been more perfect

Ryan Reaves had a great game against the Detroit Red Wings Wednesday. The power forward was traded to the Wild at the end of November for a fifth-round draft pick in 2025 from New York Rangers, and so far, he’s shown that he’s a buck for the money.

Against the Detroit Red Wings, he showed what a great asset he really can be and that few in the league are tougher than him. 

Just three minutes into the game, Reaves laid an enormous hit on Filip Hronek, who didn’t stand a chance when Reaves hit him with full force. Hronek was left bloodied and didn’t return to the ice. In the second period, Reaves once again bullied a Red Wings player to the ice, and this time, he had to answer to Ben Chiarot, who had had enough of Reaves.

Reaves didn’t need long to drop Chiarot, and on his way to the penalty box, he flexed his muscle as a humiliating gesture towards the Red Wings players. 

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Overall, it was just a great night for Reaves, especially considering the Wild also won the game 4-1. And perhaps Reaves has the TNT crew to thank for his immense performance.

Before puck drop, Reaves was interviewed on TV, and it wouldn’t be a TNT broadcast without Paul Bissonnette chirping the interview object.

’Biz’ and Reaves go way back, and it’s even talk rumors about a boxing match between the both of them after Reaves retires from hockey. And before the Detroit game, Bissonnette started out by saying he wouldn’t ask Reaves a question until he scores his first goal of the season.

Reaves took the chirp with ease and instead slammed back, saying, ”You’re really tough sitting there in Atlanta. You’re real tough from a couple states away. Get back on the ice, and then we’ll talk.”

That wasn’t the only chirp between the two of them, but it’s best if you just watch it. We promise it’s worth the watch.

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