Paul Bissonnette chirps Brad Marchand over a very specific body part of his, and his response was perfect

Brad Marchand is a lot of things. A great hockey player, a rat who knows exactly how to get inside your opponent’s head, and a great jokester. Marchand can surely take a joke, and he proved it right before the Winter Classic on Monday.

Brad Marchand joined the NHL on TNT crew for an interview before puck drop and talked about how much it meant for him and his team to participate in the great event at Fenway Park, but of course, it didn’t take long until the chirps were flying all around.

The NHL on TNT crew have been highly appreciated since starting their NHL broadcasts, and the studio was packed last night, with Wayne Gretzky, Paul Bissonnette, Anson Carter, and Rick Tocchet in the studio panel.

Rick Tocchet started off by saying to Marchand that the Bruins would probably lose the game because of Paul Bissonnette, who had knocked all the players’ sticks when he walked by the locker room.

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Brad Marchand, of course, laughed about it, but it didn’t take long until Paul Bissonnette took over, and then the chirps just started flying. Bissonnette went especially hard on the size of Marchand’s nose.
”Marchy, I’m surprised you didn’t put the eye block on the nose considering all the glare that’s coming off it,” Bissonnette said.

Marchand started laughing and joked back.

”I got a little bit on there yesterday, and I couldn’t even play with the puck, so I had to make sure I stayed away from it today,” he said.

Marchand also said his big nose is ”a gift.”

”It’s a gift, bud. I can sniff anything,” he said.

Paul Bissonnette then also took a shot at Patrice Bergeron.

”Between you and Bergeron there’s gonna be no oxygen in the building,” he said, and everyone started laughing.

Marchand had the perfect response, however.
”That’s why we’re playing outside. To make it fair to everyone,” he said.

TNT also thanked Marchand for always talking with the crew, despite the chirps flying as soon as he’s at the microphone. And we couldn’t agree more. You just have to love Brad Marchand!

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