Pat Maroon’s first words on Evander Kane’s scary injury, says he and his teammates are ‘really worried’

A scary injury in the match between the Edmonton Oilers and the Tampa Bay Lightning had fans holding their breath. Evander Kane was chasing a puck toward the boards but fell to the ice after taking a hit. It wasn’t any ugly play involved; it was all bad luck.

As Kane was on his back, Tampa’s Pat Maroon’s skate caught Kane’s arm, and Kane immediately understood something had gone wrong. Kane rushed to his bench while holding his left arm to get pressure on the deep gash on his wrist.

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The spot of blood on the ice made everyone else realize the seriousness of the situation. After the matchup, Edmonton Oilers general manager Ken Holland said Evander Kane was transported to a hospital to undergo wrist surgery, and it seems like everything will be okay for the forward.

But the players and leaders were still shocked when arriving at the locker room.

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Pat Maroon, whose skate cut Kane, expressed his sympathy for his opponent and was shaken up when talking to the media.

”It’s a scary situation. I hope he’s okay,” Maroon told the media in the locker room. ”You look down, and you see that much blood. There’s something wrong. Obviously, it’s not normal. The boys are really worried about him, and we’re all thinking about Evander, and hopefully, he’s okay, and it’s nothing too serious.”

”It’s a scary situation, and hopefully, he’s good right now. You don’t see that much blood without something being serious.”

Source: Twitter

Pat Maroon says he’s not been involved in a similar situation during his long career.

”We saw a couple of them on Youtube, but not something like that. That’s a scary situation. You never wish upon any player in the league. We have blades on our skates, and they’re sharp. If a play like that happens, you know, there is no protection on the wrist. Like I said; hopefully, he’s okay and just recovering right now.”

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