Pat Maroon reveals Zdeno Chara’s reaction that would make any hockey player run for their life

The Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning gave the fans a taste of some old school hockey this weekend. It erupted in the second period. And two heavy weight fighters went at it.

After a chaotic Bruins power play a no-goal call on the ice was overturned after replay. When play stopped, Zdeno Chara skated towards the Bruins bench, but before he actually arrived, Pat Maroon slashed Chara which led to a line brawl.

Even though the referees separated Chara and Maroon, the two went at it just moments later. It all ended with Maroon throwing Chara to the ice.

There aren’t many players that would even think of dropping their gloves against Zdeno Chara.

Postgame, Maroon gave a perfect quote on how most players probably feel about going up against the Bruins captain.

“The look on (Chara’s) face there, I kinda got nervous there,” Maroon said according to NBC. “No, I was just sticking up for (Mikhail Sergachev) there for when he was in the corner. Just trying to do my job. I’m here to protect my teammates anyway I can, stick up for them, and maybe give them a spark or boost. Chara’s a well-respected player in this league. I have the utmost respect for Chara. The guy is 42 years old and still playing the game he loves and fighting people. It takes a lot of courage, and he does it. He gave me one, and I was just sticking up for my teammates.”  

Maroon has fought Zdeno Chara four times in his NHL career, which makes the defenseman his main rival when it comes to fights, according to

Watch the entire brawl here:

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