When Pavel Datsyuk wanted some action and went after Zdeno Chara, without a helmet

When talking about Pavel Datsyuk, the things that comes to mind is foremost his silky mitts and great plays. However, there was one time when he completely lost it. Against Zdeno Chara.

In the modern era of the NHL, few players plays in the league in which Pavel Datsyuk played in. During his years in Detroit Red Wings, people got to see “The Magic Man” do the most unexpected things when he needed it the most.

But one thing Datsyuk rarely did, or at least famous for, was getting into trouble and dropping big hits. But there was one time when the Russian just had enough.

In a game versus the Boston Bruins, Datsyuk took a hit from Zdeno Chara in the offensive zone. He wasn’t too happy about it, and wanted to make his own mark in showing that no one dropped him without consequences.

However, there was one problem. Datsyuk chose to go after the biggest guy on the ice. One more, it was Zdeno Chara.

Without wearing a helmet, Datsyuk went full speed towards Chara and tried to put in a tackle. How did it go? Well, not as well as Datsyuk probably wished.

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