Pat Maroon almost speared a fan in the stands as full chaos erupts in Game 2

We thought we’d seen it all in the first-round series between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Lightning won Game 1 comfortably following a Michael Bunting game misconduct, but the Maple Leafs bounced back immediately and played an impressive game of hockey in Game 2, tying the series 1-1.

The Maple Leafs won the game 7-2, but we didn’t just see a lot of goals; we also saw a lot of testy moments and total chaos erupting in the Lightning penalty box.

The Leafs were up 6-1 in the third period when Luke Schenn dropped the gloves with Tanner Jeannot. When Jeannot got sent to the penalty box, a Maple Leafs fan—who wore a yellow hoodie, making him impossible to ignore—started messing with the player.

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The fan started screaming and hitting on the glass, which caused security to intervene. According to several reporters in the arena, he even tried to climb the glass to yell at Jeannot. It wasn’t surprising that he got escorted out of there by security.

But the commotion at the Lightning’s penalty box wasn’t done just yet. Later in the game, multiple Lightning players were sent to the penalty box. While sitting there, Corey Perry and Pat Maroon both got into a heated argument with fans.

Per Sports Illustrated’s Mike Stephens, Perry had to swat Maroon’s stick away after he tried to reach over the boards. Accordingly, Maroon wanted to spear the fan, but he didn’t get there. Everything resulted in Corey Perry getting removed from the game to the Maple Leafs fans’ great joy.

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