Panthers fans troll Leafs fans with humiliating move following Game 3 win

The Toronto Maple Leafs don’t look great at the moment, and they’re on the edge of getting eliminated from the playoffs. They’re currently down 3-0 in the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs to the Florida Panthers.

It was a massive upset that the Panthers even advanced through the first round of the playoffs, as they played the No. 1 seed, Boston Bruins.

Toronto hadn’t made it past the first round in almost 20 years, but when they did, they were feeling confident. After their Game 6 win against the Lightning, Leafs fans were heard cheering, ”We want Florida! We want Florida!”

The Panthers-Bruins series wasn’t decided then, and the Leafs fans got what they asked for, as the Panthers won Game 7 in overtime. But in hindsight, the Leafs fans maybe should’ve chosen a more laid-back approach to the other series.

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The Panthers fans haven’t forgotten about the chant from the Leafs fans, and after winning Game 3 in the second round of the series, Florida fans made sure they reminded the Leafs about their chants, as they copied the chant and started singing it.

On social media, Panthers fans were praised for their awesome comeback.

”Panthers fans are ruthless,” one said.

”Ya love to see it!” Another said.

”I’m afraid Leaf fans fully earned that…,” a third added.

”I love this lmao,” a fourth said.

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