Kevin Bieksa goes on serious rant over officiating in Game 3, loses it over penalty call on Toronto

The Toronto Maple Leafs finally got through the first round of the NHL playoffs, but the second round hasn’t started as they had hoped.

The Maple Leafs lost Game 1 4-2 and Game 2 3-2. They needed a win in Game 3, but already before the game, there was some controversy regarding the officials appointed to the game.

Maple Leafs fans feel that Wes McCauley hates them, and some even bring up the fact that McCauley has some history with Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe.

Keefe talked about how much he respects McCauley before the game, but during the game, there was even more controversy, and one former NHL defenseman was seriously pissed off.

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In the second period of Game 3, Morgan Rielly got into some wrestling with Panthers’ Anthony Duclair, and he was sent to the penalty box for an interference call.

Former NHLer Kevin Bieksa was in the studio for Hockey Night in Canada, and he wasn’t happy about it.

“It wasn’t a good call,” Bieksa said. “They are gonna kind of run into each other and they are jostling for position on the backcheck. I get that there is a bit of a left-hand reach, but Rielly is entitled to this ice as much as Duclair.”

Source: Sportsnet/Youtube

Bieksa wasn’t just angry about the penalty call on Rielly. He was also furious that several plays earlier in the game weren’t called for penalties.

“I just think with the way this game has been called, it’s been so tight, you can’t call that a penalty,” Bieksa said, continuing to slam the referees. “There’s only been two penalties now in the game and that’s one of them? Ugh! C’mon man!”

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