One Toronto Maple Leafs fan was able to catch a loose puck in the stands in Boston, and the Bruins fans’ reaction was absolutely hilarious

The Toronto Maple Leafs were on a mission to tie the first-round series against the Boston Bruins in Game 2. The game was played at TD Garden, and as you’d expect, the home crowd was wild.

Playing the Bruins at TD Garden is never a fun task. The crowd is always loud and always trying to get their opponents out of balance and under their skin.

And whenever a player on the opposing team does something that the Bruins’ crowd doesn’t like, they let everyone know.

But a particular moment from Monday’s game had the B’s fans booing for a completely unexpected reason, and the hilarious video sequence of it all quickly went viral.

A loose puck ended up over the glass and into the crowd during the game.

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It’s not something unusual, but what was so special about this time was that one of a few Leafs fans in the building was able to catch it.

The Leafs fan, who wore a Tavares jersey, stood up and cheered as loudly as possible, and when the Bruins fans realized an ’enemy’ had got a hold of the puck, they all started booing him mercilessly.

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The boos just got louder and louder until the proud Leafs fan eventually sat down.

What a hilarious moment! This is what the playoff is all about!

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