Oilers coach praises Edmonton’s medical staff after Kane’s injury, says he’s ‘in a good spot’ because of them

Everyone at Amalie Arena held their breath as Evander Kane rushed to the Oilers bench with his right hand pushing tight against his left wrist.

Just seconds earlier, he fell to the ground close to the boards, and while on his back, Pat Maroon’s skate caught Kane’s arm, and a pile of blood immediately formed on the ice.

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Kane understood something wasn’t right and went straight for the bench to get medical attention. Pat Maroon, whose skate, unfortunately, caused the deep gash, was trying to get the officials’ attention to stop the play.

On the Oilers bench stood Jay Woodcroft with his arms waiving against the officials.

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Evander Kane was stabilized at the arena and was later taken to a hospital for surgery on his wrist. And although the situation shook up everyone involved, Jay Woodcroft praised Edmonton’s miscall and training staff, as well as the EMTs on duty in the arena.

He said everything could’ve gone worse if it weren’t for their great work.

“They’re quick thinkers, and quick actors, and I think Evander is in a good spot because of it,” Woodcroft said, per Tampa Bay Times.

Source: Twitter

Jon Cooper, head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning, said the incident” took a little life out of the game.”

“You cringe when you see that,” Cooper said. “It kind of took a little life out of the game. It sucked life out of the building. It was tough to see. In hockey, even though we battle against each other and it’s a war, we’re still a family and so you never want anything like that to happen to anybody.”


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