Nikita Zadorov absolutely demolishes Jonathan Toews, proceeds to muscle down an angry John McCabe

Nikita Zadorov has always been a player hos thrives on his physical play. He’s never afraid to pull off a big hit, and he doesn’t care who is coming up against him.

Last night was a great example of that, as Jonathan Toews carried the puck across the ice in the middle of the first period.

As he entered the offensive zone, he got the puck past Zadorov, but he got hammered as he tried to go around the Russian defenseman. Zadorov immediately dropped Toews to the ice like it was nothing, and although the hit was clean, Jake McCabe chose to step up and defend Toews.

Zadorov was forced to answer for the hit and didn’t have much trouble taking down McCabe. Zadorov received a minor penalty – the call on the ice was roughing – while McCabe was handed a double minor for the scrum.

Zadorov also got the last laugh in the game, as the Flames won, 5-2.

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