Capitals will bring back the ”screaming eagle,” the logo makes sudden return 14 years after retiring

Next season, we will see a return of the” screaming eagle” logo that the Washington Capitals rocked for so many years. The Capitals’ debuted the logo way back in 1995 and retired it in 2007. Washington has since brought the logo back during the 2020-21 season as a reverse retro jersey. That time, they rocked it with red, white, and blue.

Per Chris Creamer, writer at, the Capitals are once again bringing the screaming eagle logo on their reverse retro jerseys for next season’s campaign.

TSN has also reported it, and it also seems verified Lucas Daitchman, a graphic designer who previously, on multiple occasions, has been right about stuff like this.

This time, instead of the red, white and blue, it seems like Washington will bring back the original color scheme from 30 years back, which is black, copper, blue and white.

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