Nicklas Lidström opens up on ”very emotional” talk with Börje Salming after sharing devastating news

Börje Salming has always been known as a tough guy. But this summer, the Swede revealed that he’d been diagnosed with the fatal neurological disease ALS. Since then, he hasn’t shared any information on how the disease has developed or how he’s feeling.

But earlier this week, Salming opened up to the Swedish newspaper Expressen about his struggles with ALS. The ALS has taken away his ability to speak, and it’s now difficult for him to eat normally.

Börje is now forced to get his nutrition from a feeding tube, and his wife Pia has to take care of the household duties, as Börje struggles. Salming is also suffering from severe depression as a result of his illness.

“He was so depressed that he couldn’t talk to me either,” Pia told the newspaper.

“We have always been super tight, me and Börje, and always talked a lot to each other.”

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In the interview with Expressen, Börje and his wife Pia both cry, and it’s a tough battle for the Salming family. Salming has received praise and prayers from all around the world, and in Sweden, several hockey icons are sending their thoughts and prayers.

One of them is Detroit Red Wings icon, Nicklas Lidström. Both Lidström and Salming is Hall of Famers. Since Salming’s diagnosis, he’s started the Borje Salming ALS Foundation, and Nicklas Lidström is on the board.

”I was asked some months ago if I wanted to sit on the board and be involved, and of course I said yes. I am honored to help Börje in every way I can, and to help stop this terrible disease,” he said to Expressen.

Lidström also reveals that despite Börje having trouble with talking, he spoke to him on FaceTime recently.

”It’s emotional to se Börje like that, and you feel for Pia who has to go through a lot, and with the rest of the family as well. It was a very emotional talk.”

Stay strong, Börje. We are sending our thoughts and prayers.

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