Nick Suzuki with another amazing gesture to young fan, after gift during game against the Maple Leafs backfired

A young Montreal Canadien fan, Hunter, wanted a puck from Nick Suzuki and a selfie with the Habs player. But it ended in a way nobody could have foreseen. When Suzuki saw the sign on the stands, he skated over and threw a puck over the boards, but Hunter had trouble catching it, and instead, he ended up with a bloody lip and tears in his eyes.

Suzuki noticed what happened and made it up to him by giving him a signed stick. But things just got worse for little Hunter, as the staff at the Scotiabank Arena considered the stick a weapon, and Hunter had to choose between giving it up or leaving the game.

Hunter left the arena, but the Canadiens noticed what happened and decided to send him a signed jersey. But that’s not everything.

Nick Suzuki himself has reached out, and they’re giving him a day to remember this Saturday.

“As we just shared on the show, Nick Suzuki and the Canadiens have connected with the family and will have them as special guests at Saturday’s game when the Capitals come to town.
Kudos to Suzuki and the team for making a great story even better,” says Sportsnet’s Kyle Bukauskas.

We couldn’t agree more. This is awesome from Nick Suzuki.

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