Brayden Schenn gets some serious chirp from a journalist, and his teammates can’t stop joking about it

Brayden Schenn has played in the NHL for 13 years and is currently at 770 games played. Over the years, he’s always been a well-liked teammate and a fantastic player for the LA Kings, Philadelphia Flyers, and especially the St. Louis Blues.

Schenn always puts up many points but is, of course, getting older. He’s now in his 30s and has perhaps changed his style of play during recent years. Now, he’s more of a playmaker than a player who always tries to blast by players. At least that’s what Jim Thomas, Blues hockey writer, thought this weekend. During a post-game press conference, Thomas suggested Schenn had lost some speed, and Schenn took it as a severe chirp.

“Pardon me,” Schenn quickly replied. “You chirping me that I’m slow? Wow, you stunned me with that. You’re chirping me, but that’s alright.”

”I’m not the type of player that I’m going to be blowing by defensemen night after night.”

Schenn might not have seen something funny in the question from Thomas, but his teammates certainly did.

The day after, Ivan Barbashev came to a press conference and started by saying, ”No chirping today, please,” followed by a big laugh.

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