Young kid forced to leave Maple Leafs home game after receiving incredible gift from Nick Suzuki

A young kid, Hunter, was at the Scotiabank Arena on Sunday. Before the game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens, he had a message to Canadiens forward Nick Suzuki.

Hunter was close to the rink with a sign, asking Suzuki for a selfie and a puck, and Suzuki noticed it.

He skated and threw a puck over the boards, but the little kid missed the catch, and instead, the puck went right into his mouth. Hunter got a bloody lip, and Suzuki decided to make up for it. Suzuki got to Hunter, posed for a picture, signed the puck he threw over, and gifted him his stick.

But more trouble waited for Hunter. As shared by his father on social media, the staff of the Scotiabank Arena told Hunter that the stick could be used as a weapon and gave him an ultimatum.

Leave the arena, or give up the stick. Hunter had to go back to his hotel, and we can only hope that the Toronto Maple Leafs can make it up to Hunter. However, you have to respect Nick Suzuki for doing an excellent deed for this kid. 

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