Nick Suzuki embarrass Markstrom with the perfect response after Flames’ goalie chirp moments earlier

Jacob Markstrom has had a brilliant season with the Flames, growing into one of the best goalkeepers in the league. But last night, he suffered a loss against the Montreal Canadiens, with Markstrom also being outsmarted in a duel with star forward Nick Suzuki.

Photo: Reddit

It all started with Suzuki trying a “bank shot” against Markstrom. A bank shot is when you wallow the puck from behind the goal, hoping it’ll bounce on the keeper and into the goal. But Suzuki failed the first time, which got Markstrom going. Then, according to journalist Eric Engels, the Swedish goalkeeper chirped at Suzuki and told him “it was not going to work.”

But Suzuki did not give in – and gave the perfect answer just seconds later. During a powerplay, Suzuki took the puck and tried another bank shot via Markstrom and into the goal. Then, according to Engels, Markstrom responded with” a little tap” on Suzuki some shifts later.

Photo: Reddit

Montreal Canadiens beat the Flames 4-2.