Nick Foligno had to warn his son about what he said during the most awesome referee’s Hot Mic moment

Just looking at the scoreboard, it was hard to imagine that the matchup between the Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers on Monday afternoon would be testy.

The Boston Bruins is the best team in the league right now, and the game against a struggling Flyers went according to plan. David Pastrnak opened the scoring with just under five minutes played in the first period, and before the first period ended, the Bruins were up 2-0.

The Bruins continued to dominate the game and were up 4-0 when the game got really heated. Nick Foligno got into an argument with Travis Konecny along the sideboard, and the two nearly started fighting. Foligno and Konecny were both called for match penalties, and Foligno was not happy about it.

Konecny has been in several fights in the NHL, but Foligno is a bigger guy than him. Foligno was, therefore, angry that he was called on a penalty, as he thought that he held back from hitting the Flyers forward.

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As referee Brandon Schrader announced the penalties for Foligno and Konecny, Foligno skated by and had something to say to the ref. Luckily for everyone, the ref’s mic captured everything, and it might just be the greatest Hot Mic moment of all time.

”So you’re telling me I should just go f*cking pound his face in?” Foligno was heard saying.

After the game, which the Bruins won 6-0, Foligno had already heard that his hot mic moment had gone viral before reporters made their way into the locker room. Foligno’s kid happened to be in there as well, and when Foligno was asked about the incident, he had a real dad moment.

”I heard I had a hot mic moment today,” Foligno said, per Joe Haggerty. Foligno then turned to his little boy. “You are not allowed to watch any of that!”

Foligno also dropped the gloves on Saturday’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs, and teammates praised him for his contribution to this fantastic Bruins team. His popularity will surely continue to rise after this amazing hot mic incident.

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