When the most feared man in the NHL crushed Kariya: “Didn’t know if he was alive”

It is one of the Stanley Cup Finals most talked-about events throughout history. A vicious tackle, a knocked-out superstar – and an unbelievable comeback.

Back then it was described as an effort of heroism. When Paul Kariya somehow got up after Scott Stevens obliterating tackle in the Stanley Cup-Final between the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and the New Jersey Devils. Today, roughly 15 years later, we are astonished that they let the Canadian continue to play. And how Stevens managed not being suspended, he didn’t even get a penalty for it.

Have a look at it again down below.

With the captain of the Ducks gone, New Jersey were hopeful of winning the game and The Cup with it. But everyone were wrong about one thing, Paul Kariya had no plans of stopping.

“The price you’ll pay”

A couple of minutes later he returned to the ice and scored the game winning goal, bringing on a game seven.
“I didn’t know if he was alive,” Devils goaltender Martin Brodeur said. “If you want to skate in the middle like that with your head down, that is the price you’ll pay.”

The New Jersey Devils ultimately won game seven and brought “Lord Stanley” with them back to the east coast. But no one will ever forget the moment Stevens totally crushed Kariya – and ended the discussion with a perfect quote.
“Hey, it’s a physical game out there”.

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