NHL fans are all saying the same thing about Brad Marchand’s decision to deactivate his Twitter account

NHL fans are all saying the same thing about Brad Marchand’s decision to deactivate his Twitter account

We never thought the day would come, but here we are. Brad Marchand is a regular user of Twitter, and it’s weird to imagine it without him being there.

But the sad day has now come, and NHL fans around the league are all saying the same thing about it.

It’s been a busy week for Marchand, as he topped a very special list for the second year straight.

BOSTON, MA – APRIL 13: Brad Marchand #63 of the Boston Bruins argues with the referees in the third period against the Buffalo Sabres at TD Garden on April 13, 2021 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

The NHLPA annually surveys NHL players about various things, and this year, 626 players answered 14 hockey-related questions. Last year, Brad Marchand was voted the player his fellow NHL players least enjoy playing against but would like to have on their team.

Since last year, Brad Marchand has toned down a bit regarding scrums and chirping, but he still made it top of the list. Marchand was voted by 36.5 percent of all the 626 NHL players that answered in the poll, which was more than the double amount that the second player on the list (Connor McDavid) got. 

But you’ll be disappointed if you were hoping for a comment from Marchand about it on Twitter. On Wednesday, fans realized that Marchand’s Twitter account no longer seems to be deactivated. If you check his profile, it just says, ’This account doesn’t exist.’

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Marchand has been active on Twitter for the last couple of months. He caused a storm in several NHL teams’ fanbases by saying that no player would like to play in the All-Star Games if held in Edmonton, Ottawa, or Detroit.

But now, it doesn’t seem like we’ll get more Brad Marchand chirps or jabs on Twitter in the upcoming future. And fans are all saying the same thing about his sudden disappearance from the social media platform: That it’s time to give 100 percent focus on the playoffs. 

”Getting close to the playoffs, time to lock in,” one user said.

”I really hope this is temporary deactivation and not a permanent deletion. His Twitter is a goldmine,” another responded.

A third then added:

”I imagine it’s temporary and I wouldn’t be surprised if Boston themselves were like ’you’ve had your fun, but it’s almost go time and you don’t need the distraction (and we don’t need the pr).’”

It seems like everyone thinks that Marchand is doing this just not to get distracted in the last stretch of the postseason.

”He’s going full “no distractions” mode for the stretch run and the playoffs,” one said.

”Huge L for the hockey community. Hope it comes back after the playoffs,” another said.

”Next post will be him with a cup over his head. Time to dial it in. He’ll be back,” a third said.

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