New angle showing Tom Wilson pull Artemi Panarins hair before slamming him down to the ice

Tom Wilson’s been at it again, this time against the Rangers. The enforcer is known for playing hockey pretty old school, but tonight, he might have gone too far.

The Capitals right winger started out by punching New York forward Pavel Buchnevich’s head after play was stopped, but he didn’t end things there. He immediately went after Rangers star Artemi Panarin, and slammed him to the ice. Panarin had his helmet pulled off, but that didn’t stop Wilson from pushing him down to the ice at least two times.

Photo: Reddit

The Rangers were of course furious at Wilson, and now an alternate tv angle puts Wilson in an even worst light. The video, posted on Reddit, shows how Wilson actually pulls Panarin’s hair before slamming him to the ground.

On Reddit, fans are losing their mind on Wilsons behavior.

”When I was a little kid I had a book that had a page in it about the various penalties in hockey. Unsportsmanlike conduct I can vividly remember as listing spitting, biting, and pulling hair. Never thought I would actually see it textbook”‚ one user wrote.

”What the hell, this guy is going to end someone’s career”‚ another one added.

”That could have been so, so much worse for Panarin”.

”Panarin is very lucky that his shoulder made impact first… he could have easily been paralyzed or brained from this”.

Tom Wilson was assessed a double-minor for roughing and a 10-minute misconduct, while Buchnevich and Panarin were both penalized with roughing.