Moritz Seider shows just how special he is, stopping Connor McDavid like it’s nothing

Young defensemen Moritz Seider was phenomenal last year, playing for Rogle in the Swedish first tier. It was, however, a surprise that he’s going to play the minutes he does, and nobody could foretell what a fantastic season he was going to have.

Seider has been the most significant factor in the Detroit Red Wings’ success this year, and the young German is, in tough competition against Trevor Zegras, one of the favorites for the Calder Trophy later this year.

Seider is great going forward but is also a fantastic defender. And last night, against the Edmonton Oilers, Seider showed just how special he is.

Some night ago, Connor McDavid did another one of his signature goals, where he dances by a defender, but this time, it was against none other than Victor Hedman, one of the best defenders in the league. 

Tonight, against the Detroit Red Wings, McDavid tried to do it again, and he probably would have succeeded if it wasn’t for who he tried it on. Against him stood Moritz Seider, and with some quick moves, he followed McDavid and got out his stick to steer the puck away. The video sequence got a lot of likes and shares on social media, and it’s easy to understand why.

This is simply the best example of what a unique talent Seider is, stopping McDavid in a way barely anybody else in the league can.

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