Mitch Marner’s grandma was in attendance for Game 2, and made the most wholesome sign for Leafs star

Mitch Marner hadn’t scored in a postseason game since 2019, heading into this year’s playoffs. The goalless drought was 18 games long, but during Game 1 of the series against the Tampa Bay Lightning, he scored twice in the 5-0 blowout.

During Game 2, on Wednesday, he had a special visitor at the Scotiabank Arena. In attendance was none other than his grandmother. She could be seen close to the glass with a special sign for her grandson pre-game.

The sign said,” Hi Mitch, It’s your nanny. Come over and say hi. Love you, Happy Birthday.”

It was just a wholesome moment as granny proudly smiled and waved at Mitch during warmups. She was even interviewed during the first break during the TV broadcast, and she made a bold scoring prediction heading into the second.

“They’re gonna win, for sure. 3-2.”

 Marner’s grandma was wrong, as the Leafs lost the game 5-2, but we can just hope it still was a proud moment for her, watching her grandson playing in the playoffs.

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