Milan Lucic gets away with dangerous hit after slamming rookie into the boards

It’s not the first time Milan Lucic has ended up in dubious situations on the ice. A few years ago, Lucic was voted one of the NHL’s toughest players, and he doesn’t usually hide to pull out a big hit or get involved in a scrub. 

But his tough style of play can also, sometimes, result in some nasty tackles, and that’s just what happened last night. In the game between the Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames, Oilers rookie Philip Broberg slowed down just in front of the boards in his defensive zone. Lucic then forechecked and handed out a tackle at full speed, which made Broberg slam neck-first straight into the boards.

Source: Youtube

The collision was unfortunate and scary-looking, and Broberg remained on the ice for a while but could continue the game.

Lucic got away without a penalty, which was met with criticism on social media, as many believe the tackle was dirty.

“Complete bullshit hit by Milan Lucic. Deserves a suspension, despite the fact Broberg does not appear to have been hurt. Good thing the NHL has guys like Milan Lucic to protect its players from guys like Milan Lucic,” says hockey writer Ken Campbell on Twitter.

Source: Youtube

But not everyone agrees. Writer Greg Wyshynski believes that Broberg must blame himself.

“Broberg stopped in front of an on-rushing forechecker who also happened to be Milan Lucic. Not advisable.”

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