Mikhail Sergachev sucker punches Michael Bunting right in front of referee, gets away without a penalty

Last night’s game between the Tampa Bay Lightning and Toronto Maple Leafs has, by some fans, been called a” sh*t show.” It was full of dirty hits, and of course, the two enforcers, Pat Maroon and Wayne Simmonds were involved in a scrum. The two got into a heating argument in the first period, as Pat Maroon was heard calling Simmonds” soft.” The two of them also got into a fight late in the second, as they both dropped their gloves.

The game also involved nine goals, with Tampa Bay scoring eight in an 8-1-beating.

But now, a sequence from the first period has caught the attention of fans, involving Mikhail Sergachev and Michael Bunting. The two were battling in front of the Lightning goal crease, and in an attempt to defend his goalie, Sergachev hit Bunting, who fell to the ice. The replays show how Sergachev took a sucker punch right in Bunting’s head, causing him to fall. The referee was just behind Sergachev but didn’t call a penalty on the play. However, Sergachev may get a hearing from the NHL Department of Player Safety.

At least that’s what fans are thinking.

” I get wanting to protect your goalie. I do not get punching someone in the back of the head. You can protect without doing something stupid. It is possible. I have seen it,” says one fan on social media.

” That’ll get a look, maybe a suspension,” says another one.

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