Mikhail Sergachev dodges huge haymaker from Shea Weber in fight between enraged blueliners

Shea Weber sure is a big guy. Taking a hit from the Canadian locomotive would make heavy impact on someone not playing in the NHL, but still, someone on the ice has to take it on.

Last night the Tampa Bay Lightning hosted the Montreal Canadiens. Being down three goals going in to the third period didn’t make Shea Weber especially happy.

As the horn sounded, the players looked like they would be done and head back to the dressing rooms. But Shea Weber and Lightning Mikhail Sergachev had another idea.

Behind the net, the two blueliners engaged in a classic old-school fight with Sergachev getting the first hit. But the Canadians captain responded quickly.

Weber didn’t land any big punches. However, one massive haymaker could’ve ended Sergachev in a heart beat. Lucky for him, he ducked before Weber landed it.