Mika Zibanejad refuses to go for a shift after losing his stick; everybody just loves what he does on the bench

Last night, Mika Zibanejad scored the Rangers’ third goal in Game 4 against the Carolina Hurricanes. The Rangers won the game 4-1 and tied the series 2-2, and Zibanejad has put up 14 points in 11 games played this playoff, which ranks him 4th in points.

But the Rangers didn’t just appreciate him for his important goal. A strange sequence in the third period got the fans going. He was in the offensive zone as he lost his stick in a battle for the puck, but instead of going for the quick shift, he hustled back to the bench.

Usually, an equipment guy would help Zibanejad with a new stick, but in this case, he was occupied with something else that had just happened. Zibanejad had to take the matter into his own hands, so he jumped onto the bench, found his new stick, and quickly went on the ice again.

Many had asked for a quick shift, but Zibanejad was so into the game and winning that he just wouldn’t do it. Now that’s impressive!

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