Matthew Tkachuk with one of the chirps of the season, mocking Evander Kane for his bankruptcy

Game 1 of the Battle of Alberta had it all. And to nobody’s surprise, Evander Kane and Matthew Tkachuk were involved in several arguments and chirps.

The game involved 15 goals, nine of them scored by the Flames and six by the Oilers. It’s the first time since 1993 that a team scores six goals and still loses, and every hockey fan now looks forward to Game 2. And Evander Kane will surely be on the lookout for revenge on Matthew Tkachuk.

It’s no secret that Kane has had gambling problems throughout his career, and last January, he filed for bankruptcy. Tkachuk hasn’t forgotten about that, and when they both started arguing, Tkachuk delivered a huge blow under the belt.

”You want some money?” Tkachuk asked Kane.

They both got sent to the penalty box after the chirping and arguing. And there, the blows kept on coming from Tkachuk.

”You poor bastard. You poor bastard,” Tkachuk was seen saying.

Evander Kane will surely be on his toes ahead of Game 2, as personal chirps like this are often considered off-limit in the NHL. But this probably wasn’t the first time Evander Kane heard anything like it, and it won’t be the last.

It’s fair to say that the Battle of Alberta is off to a flying start in every way possible.

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