Keith Tkachuk refuses to toss his hat on the ice, as his son scores hat trick in Battle of Alberta

The Battle of Alberta is well underway, and Game 1 didn’t disappoint any hockey fan. Well, unless you’re an Edmonton Oilers fan, that is. Game 1 had it all; Goals in plenty, lots of fights, and just awesome chirping.

The last time an NHL team scored six goals in three periods, and still lost a playoff game, was the Calgary Flames back in 1993. But last night, the Edmonton Oilers did just that and still lost, as the Flames scored nine goals.

The Flames had several key players stepping up when they needed it the most during Game 1, but no one played a more impressive game than Matthew Tkachuk. He scored the empty-netter to make it a hat trick, and in the stands, his family had the time of their lives.

His brother Brady, star player for the Ottawa Senators, could be seen drinking beer and celebrating, but his dad, legend Keith Tkachuk, was calmer. As his son Matthew scored the hatty, hats were raining on the ice, and a family member of the Tkachuk could be seen begging Keith to toss his hat on the ice as well. But his response was clear.

He simply refused, and you just got to love a man who doesn’t want to give up his favorite hat, even when your son scores a hat trick in the NHL playoffs.

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