Matt Rempe absolutely slammed for his gesture after getting ejected following a dirty elbow hit, fans are all saying the same thing about it

The New York Rangers’ rookie Matt Rempe has been a sensation since he made his NHL debut.

It was less than a month ago he played his very first game in the league, but since then, he’s been at the center of attention in almost every game he’s played.

He has four fights already, and he was tossed from a game against the Devils on Feb. 22 after a high hit on Nathan Bastian.

Rempe wasn’t suspended for that hit, but he may face punishment from the league this time after he yet again found himself tossed from a game after a controversial hit on Jonas Siegenthaler on Monday.

Rempe delivered an elbow to Sigenthaler’s jaw in a collision that looked intentional. The Devils defenseman was knocked from the game, and Rempe earned an elbowing major and game misconduct – the second of his NHL career and his second against the Devils.

The hit occurred late in the third, and immediately after it, Devils forward Kurtis MacDermid went after Rempe.

MacDermid had challenged Rempe to a fight in the first period, and this time, he tried everything to get through the linesmen to get a hold of Rempe, but the two were separated.

MacDermid also received a 10-minute misconduct, and as the two left the ice, Rempe mocked MacDermid by waving at him and the Devils’ bench.

On social media, fans absolutely slammed Rempe for the hit and for his lack of respect when waving to his opponent.

”This is how you get a big target on your back,” one user said.

”It looks like he raised the elbow at the last second to assure head contact (on the second replay). The wave after means he was happy with the result – deserves a LOT of games for this,” another said.

”No defending that, he’ll definitely be sitting a few games,” a third added.

”Waving goodbye as you’re getting kicked out of the game certainly is a choice,” a fourth said.

Some also pointed out the fact that it’s not the first time Rempe has done something like this.

”Not the first time, either – after injuring Bastian with a blatant headshot in the last Devils Rangers game, he was given a match…waved to the crowd and held his hand to his ear as he was leaving the ice. Bastian hasn’t played since then,” one said.

”Yeah, even as a Rangers fan thats a bad look. You just screened the goalie for a goal and then you do that. Have to be better man. Bad hit,” another added.

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