Paul Bissonnette shares his honest thoughts and publicly calls out the Vegas Golden Knights for cheating with the salary cap

The Vegas Golden Knights won the Stanley Cup last year for the first time in the organization’s history.

And they’re certainly in a great position to win it back-to-back. The Golden Knights were able to make some great additions before trade deadline, with players that would normally have pushed them over the salary cap limit.

Vegas did the same thing last year at trade deadline, adding some valuable depth that, under normal circumstances, would’ve pushed them over the cap limit. But last year and this year, they’ve avoided going over it thanks to placing players on long-term injured reserve.

No one can be for sure, but fans are starting to get suspicious over players like Mark Stone getting placed on LTIR only to come back without injury troubles when it’s time for Game 1.

Vegas acquired forward Anthony Mantha, defenseman Noah Hanifin, and center Tomas Hertl before this year’s trade deadline, which was made possible due to some players being on LTIR.

If Mark Stone, for example, were to return to the playoffs, it’s all good for the Golden Knights, as the salary cap isn’t counted in the postseason.

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On Sunday, Paul Bissonnette publicly called out the Golden Knights, questioning how they’re allowed to be this creative with the LTIR.

”I think the question is: How do they add these guys?” asked Bissonnette. ”The LTIR special,” he continued.

Bissonnette didn’t want to question whether Stone is injured, but he feels there will be questions if he’s available for Game 1.

”If Stone comes back Game 1, what are you saying if you’re another franchise that might have to play these guys Game 1?” said Bissonnette. ”If he comes back Game 1, do you not feel like there’s a repetitive nature here?

”But if Game 1 Stone’s back and everybody’s back, they are playing with a roster that’s 10 million dollars over the cap.”

Bissonnette ended his rant by talking directly to those watching at home.

”I’m not saying Stone doesn’t have a legitimate injury, but if he comes back Game 1 it just looks extremely suspicious,” said Bissonnette. ”Am I crazy here? Help me out you people at home! Am I crazy? Does this not look suspicious?”

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