Luc Robitaille shares awesome story on Wayne Gretzky’s forgotten masterpiece

Wayne Gretzky’s ability to dish the puck and see the ice is something you can’t teach – it’s a natural attribute that few people in this world possess.

Just ask Luc Robitaille who shared the most awesome story on how Wayne Gretzky did the most unthinkable thing on the ice – and made a play of a true hockey legend.

But, sometimes even the greatest of all time could use a little help on when to make a pass or play. Luc Robitaille, who played with Wayne Gretzky in Los Angeles and New York (and tallied 668 career goals), helped the Great One’s timing on a sweet feed to help the Rangers win in overtime.

Robitaille laughed about the time he told Gretzky to “wait…like I give him the finger up” so he could skate around and regain momentum inside the offensive zone.


Gretzky did just that. With patience behind the net, Gretzky waited until Robitaille re-entered the zone. Luc came skating in and Wayne delivered a pass right on the tape. The rest was history as Robitaille buried the shot and ended the game.

Robitaille commented that few players would have the eye contact and presence of mind to see him stick his finger up and see that he would be back in a jiffy.

It’s clear Gretzky had chemistry with multiple players over the course of his career, but I am unsure if any of them told Gretzky to wait and hold onto the puck a little longer.

When Gretzky showed off skills only a hockey god could perform

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