Kyle Okposo’s kid steals everyone’s heart with motivational speech before announcing Sabres’ lineup

Try to get a W and play with your heart. Odin Okposo said the words as Buffalo Sabres chose to do something different ahead of their game against the LA Kings last night. Usually, the coach announces the starting line in the dressing room ahead of games, and often the team captain makes a speech to get the troops going. 

But last night, videos from the dressing room showed that the pregame speech was delivered by no other than Kyle Okposo’s kid named Odin. In his speech, Odin tells the Buffalo players to try to get that W and “play with your heart.” He then delivers the starting lines, and the loudest cheer comes when he says:” On the right win, nr. 21, Dad”. After little Kyle’s done, he gets a big hug from dad. 

The video has gained much attention on social media, and everyone just loves little Odins’ energy. 

The Buffalo Sabres, however, lost the game, 0-3.

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