When the goalie lost it after wrong referee decision and made hockey history with the best mocking ever

Finnish goalkeeper Mika Noronen had a long career in the absolute top of elite hockey. Among teams in several other leagues, the Finn represented a handful of clubs in the NHL and KHL over the years.

Although he’s not the most household name in hockey, Noronen will always be remembered for what he did during an AHL game on March 10, 2001.

Once you’ve seen it, you’ll likely never going to forget it.

In the game, a referee allowed a highly questionable goal for the opposing Syracuse Crunch, in the match against Noronens’ Rochester Americans.

Noronen disapproves of the referees’ decision, and he chose to show his dissatisfaction in the most extraordinary way. This awesome mocking made the whole hockey world laugh, and 21 years later, it’s still a simply great moment.

Back then, the AHL had a goal judge, and when Noronen wasn’t happy with his decision, he went to the boards and cleaned the glass. It’s as simple as excellent.

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