Justin Bieber delivers epic burn against the Sharks following the Binnington challenge

Jordan Binnington challenged Justin Bieber in a 10 breakaway with the pop star accepting it. During the NHL All Star Weekend, San Jose forward Tomas Hertl took the opportunity to put on a Bieber mask in the shootout competition.

Now, Bieber has responded in an ice-cold manner.

In december of last year, Jordan Binnington made the challenge to Justin Bieber after the pop star went viral after scoring a goal playing hockey.

“10 breakaways me vs. you. You score on me I’ll dye my hair platinum blonde”, Binnington posted to Justin Biebers Instagram.

“How bout 10 thousand dollars to charity I score and you donate to a charity of my choice and we film it,” Bieber responded.

The challenge between the Stanley Cup winning goalie and Bieber is yet to happen. But during the NHL All Star Weekend, Binnington at least got to make a save against a Bieber mask, worn by Tomas Hertl of the San Jose Sharks.

After the All Star Weekend, Binnington posted a pair of pictures from the All Star Weekend, among them a picture of Hertl wearing the Bieber mask.

Now the pop star has responded in an awesome way.

“I’d never wear a sharks jersey”, Bieber commented on the Binnington post.

Justin Bieber, a native of London, Ontario, obviously doesn’t have any emotional feelings towards the Sharks.

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