Jonathan Marchessault left the locker room mid-game to watch his kid play hockey, and everyone loves it

If your kid plays hockey, you know the pride in watching them play. If you love hockey and are fortunate enough to have a kid that also loves it, the joy in watching them play is better than most things here in life. To just see their joy as they learn the game, make new friends, and improve. It’s hard to beat.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and that’s the case with most NHL players. When they have kids, it’s only natural for them to pick up skating and hang around with dad on the ice. And last night, a special situation occurred for Vegas Golden Knights’ star player Jonathan Marchessault.

Marchessault played in the Vegas Golden Knights’ 2-1 win against the Winnipeg Jets last night, and during an intermission, some kids came out to play to entertain the crowd.

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It just so happened that Marchessault’s kid was in that game, and the Golden Knights posted a video about it on Twitter.
“When you’ve got a hockey game at 5 but your son has a hockey game during your hockey game,” they wrote.

The video of Marchessault, who walked out of the dressing room to give support to his kid, is just so cute, and everyone loves it. In the video, Marchy opens the bench door to hug his kid, and there’s a lot of love shown in the comment section.

“Awww… Jets fan here… that’s seriously adorable!!” One user wrote.

“That’s is so stinking sweet. I love every single thing about this man,” said another one.

Marchessault didn’t manage to get on the score sheet in the 2-1 win against the Jets, but we can only imagine he was proud and happy afterward.

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