Johnny Gaudreau had the most hilarious answer after leaving practice early sparking trade rumors

The NHL trade deadline is all about rumors, fast deals and fans hoping to see some new additions to their team.

It can also be about having to see one of the best players leaving, and some Calgary fans surely must’ve had their hearts skip a beat earlier today.

During the Flames’ morning skate, Johnny Gaudreau suddenly left practice early, with none of the journalists at the rink knowing why.

Suddenly, rumors about the star forward being traded started to spark.

The internet, and of course most of them Flames’ fans, went nuts and it took almost 30 minuters before something happened.

Gaudreau came out and finally told everyone what the fuss was all about. The answer was pretty simple. He had do go to the bathroom.

If this isn’t what the Trade deadline day is all about, and a huge chunk of why we love it. We don’t know what it.